Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Happened at the District Convention

So as Eric Brown first reported, the Oklahoma District Convention went differently than I had planned. I was elected 3rd Vice President of the District for a three-year term. For those who are unfamiliar with our denomination, the Synod is divided into districts, each with an elected District President, a pastor who is the ecclesiastical and administrative supervisor for the region. Districts are composed of circuits, which are groupings of seven or more congregations (think dioceses). the Oklahoma District is also divided into three regions, each composed of three circuits. I am the Vice President of the Western Region, and am charged with representing the District President in this region and generally administrating the area in his absence. All this is pretty broad and vague on purpose; I'll have to read the policy manual and the Synodical handbook to find out exactly what all my duties and responsibilities actually are.

A further distinction: the Oklahoma District Officers are all designated as part-time. Our District President is the parish pastor of Holy Trinity, Edmond, and will continue in his vocation there. We have no full-time district staff or offices, and this is a real blessing for our district.

Interestingly enough, Pr. Brown was elected Circuit Counselor of our circuit, who is the administrative officer for the circuit. Pr. Mason Beecroft was elected to the District Board of Directors. Congratulations to them!

I knew there was a possibility I would be elected as Circuit Counselor, and would have accepted that duty reluctantly. I had no idea that I would be elected to be a VP. I didn't desire it, and it did not fit into my life plan. Needless to say, I didn't lobby for it any way apart from allowing my name to stand on the slate and am still in a state of shock.

Please keep me in your prayers.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Congratulations, Auxiliary Bishop Hall! And welcome to district beauracracy. Now we just have to wait a week to see if Fr. Ball is elected V.P. in the NID and then we will have two Aux. Bishops among our little band of merry men. I might be elected to my third term on the of BoD. Soon we'll be ready to take over.

    Steve A.

  2. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    I wasn't planning on being Circuit Counselor myself - I was planning on being your loyal circuit secretary.

    Convention and elections were interesting. You'll do well. . . and if I mess up I'll just refer people to you >=o)

  3. Pastor Sharp said...

    Sweet merciful crap.

  4. Myles R Schultz said...

    Let me congratulate you again Chris, and welcome to the Praesidium. And, as outgoing 3rd V.P., let it be said that after elected 3 years ago I quickly learned to accept, and often said "I have no authority, no responsibility, and no budget." But, I can not be blamed either.... Congratulations, and see you next Saturday.


  5. Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

    Congratulations, Pastor.

  6. William Weedon said...

    Congratulations, Christopher! May the Lord of the Church have use of you as a blessing to the pastors and parishes in Western OK!