Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not Your Grandfather's Church


Here is a nice post (though I hesitate to call it that, considering the angst involved) on the contemporary worship "blended worship" service at an LCMS congregation. Hardly news, yet his account is compelling in its own way, giving voice to the fractures that "diverse" and "divergent" consumerist worship services are creating among us.

Thanks to Mr. Magness for calling my attention to the fact that it was not the contemporary service he described, but the "blended"--all the more horror, as Dr. Nagel would say.

Here's an excerpt:

This blended service began as the pastor came out in a golf shirt and made a series of announcements about “mission and ministry opportunities.” He then sat down and let the band take over. As is typical in contemporary services, the band leader introduced the songs and functioned as an assisting minister. The people were supposed to sing along with the band, but few did on the verses of the first song. They were in a solo vocal style with a range and syncopation that did not invite communal singing.


  1. William Weedon said...

    Thanks for pointing it out, Christopher! I've linked it on that interminable discussion on my blog.

  2. PMagness said...

    Actually, the post was about this congregation's "Blended" worship service (as they advertize it).

    The "contemporary" service at this congregation will be the subject of a future article.

    Thanks for furthering the discussion. With pastors and district presidents unresponsive and unconcerned about the issues I am raising, I have become convinced that the church as a whole needs to become aware of what is actually happening in many LCMS congregations.

    BTW, I am curious as to what things people are seeing when they run into services that are advertized as "Blended". I invite your readers to stop by the Liturgy Solutions blog and take the short poll on this subject.