Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost Ready...

Whew! Finished with the sermons through January 4. Or at least the draft of them I'll practice, to put a better point on it. I have to see a few shut-ins and I can begin my Christmas "vacation." As it were. Still doing Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the Sundays and New Year's Eve, and whatever emergencies come up, but the rest of the time will be at home.

I want to do some reading. I need to do some more writing, having taken the month of December off, except for a non-fiction submission that was accepted--whoo-hoo! I want to spend some time with the home computer, fixing some organizing issues, organizing photos, tweaking Ubuntu a little, playing my new game. I look forward to board games and card games with the girls, playing "Dragons or Kitties" with Jack, and hanging out with Margie. If the weather is nice, maybe some time in the garage making sawdust (I have a tool storage cabinet I'm working on), though right now it's only 18°--that doesn't look promising.

Maybe even a few theological blog posts. It's why most of you are reading this, after all. Sorry about that for now :)

Peace out.