Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Weekend

Fought through sermons last week, some hospital visits, shut-in visits, nursing home devotions and then capped it off with a stomach bug the morning of our Open House. I fought through the nausea and the other bad stuff and cleaned, ran errands and cleaned some more.

By that evening I was feeling better and we had a nice group. Small, but nice. Saturday was great. I took the kids shopping for mommy, got ready for Sunday, spent a nice evening at home. Sunday was crazy again. After church I ran by the hospital to see someone, ran back and picked up Jack while M and the girls toured the nursing homes caroling with choirs and handbells. Then we had our Choir Christmas Party and played Dirty Santa. I got a lovely Starbucks gift pack and M got a hand-crank LED lantern.

We got home past the young'un's bed times, but Jack wouldn't go to sleep. And M got the stomach thing. And Mikki woke in the middle of the night having puked in her bed. And then J and O and E all woke at the crack of dawn.

Good air in, bad air out.

Stir up your power and come, O Lord...