Monday, June 23, 2008

Favorite Spam Email Subject

I've been having problems with my email account at church. Seems that legitimate emails are being blocked, at least some of the time. So I reset my spam filter, turning it off for the time being.

Since then I've been deluged with the usual suspects. The good news is that most of it is already being blocked by my security software and arrives in the "Junk" folder, but I'm having to scan those subjects myself to make sure that Outlook and Norton are not being too aggressive. The subjects range from offers of unmentionable things to "Luxury Watches" and outrageous deals on pirated software. But then there's this subject:

"[Norton AntiSpam] You look really stupid pastor"

The body of the email is simply a link I'm not willing to follow, but the subject cracks me up.

Who needs enemies to keep you humble when you have spam?


  1. Rev. Jonathan C. Watt said...

    Apperantly I'm in good company! I thought I was the only "stupid looking pastor"

  2. Orianna Laun said...
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