Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogging Block and Reader Exercise

I've got four or five posts I've been messing with for weeks now that I can't just seem to get in the right shape to publish. Most deal with "controversial" matters, so perhaps this is an indication to leave them alone for now.

So here's an exercise for all of us. Think about your weltanschauung (world-view). How tied up is it with the spirit of the age, with modernism, consumerism, choice. How much do you reject the past as outmoded and inferior? How much do you believe people and culture has changed in the last 60 years? In the 60 years before that?


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    I think we are made myopic by our age. We always see things in terms of our age - and to both extremes. On the one hand, we will think that we are the most advanced people ever (i.e. we make the leap of equating technological advances with us being more advanced personally/mentally/spiritually) while at the same time deploring the wickedness of our day as being the worst ever.

    We overestimate the good - and become smug over it. We are smart people - yet we spend less and less time in God's Word. We see how healthy we are - and so we forget to prepare to fight against death. We see how wealthy we are - and so we forget the place of humility and that money isn't the focus of the life of a Christian.

    We overestimate the evil - or at least focus on the large ills of the day that society has (and ignore the plethora of ills that we ourselves ought to be facing). We see the struggles with homosexuality - and we ignore the struggles we have with the 6th commandment. We decry abortion - and we ignore the fact that we do not help our neighbor in every bodily need.

    The ideas of the age show almost act as a negative image of where we ought to be -- and this is true of any age.

  2. Doorman-Priest said...

    Every age seems to believe that there was a previous golden age.

    I don't think we'd like it for very long, somehow.