Monday, June 23, 2008

Article Online

In working on another project I discovered my article "Baby Pew Sitters" published in Touchstone is now available online. Take a look and read some of their other articles. Better yet, subscribe too! Despite publishing me, it is a fine journal--stimulating but accessible reading as well.


  1. Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...


    This issue in particular is very important to me, and I have several blog posts on the topic. Children's church keeps adults out of church (the ones who watch the kids), and the kids never learn to appreciate Divine Service as natural.

    If people have trouble hearing, they can be accommodated with FM receivers, sitting towards the front, etc. I've never seen parents that deliberately meant their children to be rude.

  2. Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

    BTW, great article. :)

  3. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Thanks! I didn't mention the "adults in the nursery who should be in church too" angle, but that is an important point too.