Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Other LCMS Blogs?

The Confessional Lutheran blogosphere is well-documented. But where are the "moderate" LCMS blogs? Where are the liberal blogs? Where are the Ablaze! friendly blogs? Where are the Church Growth, Contemporary Worship blogging pastors? Are they too busy writing their own worship services?

I searched for some but can't find any. I don't plan on adding them to my blogroll or to my reader, but I am curious.



  1. Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

    I suspect most "moderates" are able to find their expressions supported at the voters meeting rather than on the Internet. :-/

    There are several more liberal Lutheran blogs, but they tend to be of the ELCA persuasion.

  2. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    Well. . . isn't your's a liberal one? >=o)

  3. Doorman-Priest said...

    I'm liberal.
    Pax Christi

  4. Anonymous said...

    Good point. The views of the groups listed have legitimate and noteworthy issues to highlight, I have no doubt. Is this indicative of minority status? That would be good news.

    On the other hand... does anyone truly miss it? Not so much.


  5. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Doorman...Well, I guess you are...but you aren't LCMS. See how picky I can be? :)

    Seriously, I'm glad that you visit and aren't scared off. But it does seem that there are few liberal Lutheran blogs compared to the sheer number of confessional/conservative ones.

    As Dan said: there seems to be a relationship between not having power and blogging...

    And Eric...it's the liberal one, yeah, that's it....

  6. Preachrboy said...

    Article 7 is about the only one I know of. Oh and that guy "celebrating the journey" (Sojourner?). And one of the pastors posts "A few simple Lutheran Sermons". There are a few, but not many.

    My personal opinion is that the left (aka Neo-Evangelical aka "moderate") wing of the LCMS is comparatively devoid of content. Also, they have less need to speak because what content they do espouse is already reflected in the party line.

    Also, I think the younger generation which is more e-conscious and techno-savvy is reacting against the boomer-and-above establishment, and therefore you see a more traditional bent in the blogs. Although, this does not explain Aardvark Alley, the "Grandfather of Lutherans on the Internet".

  7. Steven G. said...

    Why don't "they" blog in "their" words?

    We don't have time to blog. We're busy equiping the saints and reaching the lost. You know, ministry stuff. BTW, We all know that Lutheran bloggers are those mean ol stick-in-the-muds with their wanting to be all Lutheran and what-not instead of just loving people and loving Jesus like us.

    My response

  8. C3POJones said...

    I think you're probably right in saying moderates have other things on their mind besides blogging, mostly their families and congregations I'd assume. I'm a "moderate." Not a pastor, but my blog which is still being developed shows connections between popular culture (TV, Cinema, Literature) and the Christian Faith. Take a look.
    I know there are more out there as well. Keep looking.
    God bless.

  9. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Um, C3POJones, I think you missed the sarcasm in Steven G's comment.

    Thanks for visiting, and for combing through the archives, at that, though no thanks on the implication that I avoid my family and congregation.

    But you are free to judge as you see fit. Let's remember, though, that to the extent we judge others is the same extent to which we will be judged.(Matt. 7:2)


  10. Epiphany Church & Preschool said...

    I did a simple search on google for LCMS blogs and among the top searches were vast lists of catalogged blogs for just about every stripe. This I thought was fairly comprehensive, but there are more: http://lutheranblogs.blogspot.com/

    Church Lake Worth