Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Moving!!

I'm moving this blog to a (slightly) different location.

Please update your links and feed readers. This Feed should work for 30 days has been removed due to problems. Please visit the new site and re-subscribe using the buttons provided.

Thanks for moving with me!

Read the following only if you're really interested:

Why move? I started off at my congregation's website, using a Wordpress installation. Wordpress was good, but it was a little too hard to use, and certain things weren't working right. Furthermore, I wanted my blog to have some independence from the church's website. So I moved to this location.

However, I recently took another look at Wordpress and it is incredible. Stunning. They have updated and improved it tremendously. Still I was undecided if I wanted to mess with y'all's links.

The final straw was when I realized that my former web host was pretty slow and limited., apart from their tasteless commercials offers quite a bit of hosting muscle and tons of goodies and excellent features. So I moved my hosting there and am making it permament.