Thursday, March 26, 2009

One-Year Lectionary Question

For those of you using the One-year Lectionary, do you have any good sources for clip art for bulletin covers? I'm having a hard time finding anything online that is not geared toward the Three-year lectionary.



  1. MDR said...


    There is an "Ecclesiastical Art" CD available from Higher Things that has clip art for both the 3-year and the historic lectionaries. Very beautiful artwork. The "store" link is off of their website right now, but I would bet that if you contacted someone with HT they'd direct you towards a copy.

    Matt Ruesch

  2. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    Another place is

    They have a one year series set - although sometimes I wonder why they have said picture with said Sunday - but that tends to be what I use most of the time.

  3. Pastor Sharp said...

    Maybe you Old Believers should just stop being nogoodniks and use the 3 year lectionary.