Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bullet Points Are All I Have Right Now

I haven't really decided to abstain from blogging during Lent; it only appears that way due to overall busyness, distraction, writer's block and the other usual suspects.

Some tidbits:

The LCMS has dropped opposition in the "Issues Etc." trademark issue. It was the right thing to do, since they had allowed the trademark to expire.

The Oklahoma District of the LCMS will most likely have an entirely new Board of Directors and District staff after our Convention in April. Most of this is due to retirements and incumbents declining nominations.

The Twilight Saga has gotten better over time--I'm reading the final book now and it is a page-turner, though a little too predictable at times. I can see the author's conservative morality poking through on occasion (she's Mormon), but in no way could this be construed as a "Christian-esque" vampire novel.

Lost seems to get better every season, with every episode. That, and Scrubs are the only two shows I watch, though everybody seems to be recommending Battlestar Galactica these days. I may have to rent the first season and see what I'm missing.

The fast is difficult. I've slipped more than I care to admit. Slipping is not defeat, however. When you slip up in your fast it is the best reminder possible of our need for repentance and God's strength. Without Him we can do nothing, not even control ourselves just a little.

Thank you for sticking with me here. I'll try to post more regularly.


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    This is the greatest strength (or accidental benefit) of the Oklahoma District. None of our positions are full time, so if you hold a district office you still have things to get done at your own parish.

    That means one has to actually want to serve over and above to hold an office - instead of being elected to something a bit more cushy with better pay where you have nothing better to do than become a busybody in everybody else's congregation.

    Oh, and have you watched "Firefly" yet? Just 16 episodes - well, well worth it.

  2. Emily H. said...

    Ooo, I love Lost! It is better in terms of the story line this year, but it's also a lot bloodier and darker. I'm not enjoying that aspect.

    I have to miss Lost tonight because of a meeting and church service later, so no spoilers on your blog!!!

    Blessings on your Fast and God grant that you persevere in the struggle. Pray for us too.

  3. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Marjorie has choir and handbells on Wednesdays--and we don't have a DVR, and our VCR no longer we watch it online on Thursday nights. It's actually not too bad. Picture is great, due to the higher resolution on the monitor than our old TV.