Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saying of the Day

Abba Nicetas said of two brothers that they met with the intention of living together. The first thought within himself, "If my brother wants something, I will do it," and the second thought the same, "I will do the will of my brother."

So they lived many years in great charity. Seeing this, the enemy set out to separate them. He stood at the entrance to the cell, appearing to the one like a dove and to the other like a raven. The first said, "Do you see that little dove?"

The other said, "It is a raven." They began to argue and to contradict one another, then they stood up and fought till they drew blood, to the great joy of the enemy; and they separated. After three days they returned and came to their senses and each asked the other's forgiveness. They had recognized that each of them had believed the bird to be what he had seen and recognized that their conflict came from the enemy. So they lived to the end without being separated.

Sayings. Nicetas, 1.