Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saying of the Day

Abba Olympius of the Cells was tempted to fornication. His thoughts said to him, "Go, and take a wife."

He got up, found some mud, made a woman and said to himself, "Here is your wife, now you must work hard in order to feed her." So he worked, giving himself a great deal of trouble. The next day, making some again, he formed it into a girl and said to his thoughts, "Your wife has had a child, you must work harder so as to be able to feed her and clothe your child." So, he wore himself out doing this, and said to his thoughts, "I cannot bear this weariness any longer." They answered, "If you cannot bear such weariness, stop wanting a wife."

God, seeing his efforts, took away the conflict from him and he was at peace.

Sayings. Olympius, 2.