Friday, October 10, 2008


Is this thing working...? I'm broadcasting right now? You mean that every word....? Ok.

Greetings to you from another time and space.

All is well here in my exile from Windows.

The view is lovely, the apps are working without a hitch and I even my Treo syncs. It's an amazing place, outside the Microworld. I push a button marked "Power" and I am working within one minute. I click an image on the screen and instantly something happens. I type in cybercode words and immediately the screen fills with text and images.

All right, I'll loose the drama.

I am writing to you on my experiment with a new operating system. I've (temporarily at least) ditched Windows XP and am using Linux--the Ubuntu distro, to be accurate.

Here's the deal: Windows is the old boss. Mac is the new boss. Our friend Roger Daltry can fill in the rest of the details (see the last two lines in particular). Linux is the only alternative for those who want something different.

I'm still testing things out. I made a partition on my storage drive (and didn't loose a byte of data) and have been playing around here. I have no idea how the file system works or what a lot of things mean at this point, but I can browse, email, listen to mp3s, sync my Palm and edit documents just like before.

Only faster.

Much, much faster.

Even with cool 3d effects that one could only get with Leviathan Vista.

In the next week or so I'll offer some more thoughts. Switching is not for the jellyspined point and clicker.

I'll also give a report on my vacation, which was productive and tiring.

I promised a substantial theological post and I haven't forgotten it, for the three of you who are still reading after I've been off the 'net for a week and who haven't defenstrated yourselves due to loosing your portfolios.

That will have to wait. Tomorrow we are headed to KC for my aunt & uncle's 50th anniversary party, and if we have time, to show the family my old house and stomping grounds in Liberty, MO.


  1. Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

    I've been playing with Ubuntu, too. It's a lot of fun--in particular, it comes with an addictive Mah Jongg game.

  2. Pastor Sharp said...

    Can I play Civ 4 on Linux?

  3. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Don't know about Civ4--I don't have it. Heresy, I know.

    I do know there's a free windows emulator with it, and one you can purchase which works better, but I haven't played with either to see if they would work.

  4. Pastor Sharp said...

    Heresy, you know. I believe this, Chris.