Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Randomness, Thereby Proving I Am Generation X

When I got home I picked up after the dog, washed up and put some T-Bones on the grill (outrageously on sale this weekend). After supper I tackled the lawn, which was about five days past needing a mow. Not shameful looking, but getting close.

I bought my lawnmower from my congregation when they were cleaning out a storage shed. It was an inexpensive push mower, perfect for me and useless for the church, which occupies nearly the entire block. The trustee at the time got it started on the first pull. I paid him and never had a problem with it. Until last night.

The tank is full, the throttle was set, the gas line bled with the bulb--everything in place. If it's not the spark plug, I haven't a clue.

I have no moral for the story. I was in a strange mood yesterday, and apparently it continues.

Of interest: This discussion at Weedon's Blog, especially the comments.


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    Me bride and I had some of those same T-bones, marinated in my own special mixture. They were tasty.