Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Texas Site Reconfigured

Or, How the Temperature is Reduced By Several Degrees

The website for the Texas District LCMS Youth Gathering has now been changed. Kari Jobe, one of the pastors of Gateway Church is now being billed as "Song Leader" and has fallen from top billing to third.

It is good to see that the webmaster and planners of this event have responded to the scandal and offense this has caused. But as another website suggested, spend some time there and ask yourself "Does this look Lutheran or does it look like a mainstream Evangelical non-denominational youth gathering?"

Es sheint als ob einen andere Geist.


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    Here's the question I ask. If you go to this, what will you learn? Will you learn more about Christ? If not, why waste your time. . .

  2. Mike Baker said...

    If changing the title of an anabaptist pastorette and bumping her down in the pecking order reduces the temperature by several degrees then we should just call her a Kantor and that will make everything just peachy.

    If it sings like a Baptist, communes like a Baptist, and preaches like a Baptist... it is probably a Baptist. Remember that theological groups rarely pick their names. They are thrust upon them by others who wish to classify their beliefs. She can call herself non-denominational, but the theology espoused by her church is anabaptist and Arminian in nature. Let's call a spade a spade.

    So, why are we having Baptists teach our youth? ...And if you say that she won't be teaching anything then you have just admitted to what traditionalists have been saying all along: liberal praise and worship does not present anything of theological substance and can be lead by anybody regardless of what they believe.

    No matter what title she carries, her theological system concludes that your baptisms don't do anything special and that your practice of the Lord's Supper is idolatry. Baptists think so little of your baptism and your Lord's Supper that they don't see why some of you are so upset when they say that Christ is not present in it.

    I've also heard several of these other presenters speak. I was not impressed with their grasp of theology.

    As a former Charismatic Southern Baptist here in Texas, I will tell you that this is a recipe for false doctrine. This conference will be fueled by passion (to borrow a neo-evangelical buzz word from Ms. Jobe's info blurb) rather than divine truth.

    So here is another question. Why is the LCMS sponsoring a pro-Baptist youth gathering when we don't have the moeny to fund all kinds of needed programs?

    To my disappointment, I have seen an increasing tendency among a small--but loud--minority of LCMS churches in this district that borrow all kinds of questionable material from their friends in "non-denominational", Purpose Driven circles. I am all for sharing and working together, but not at the expense of the Gospel.

    Many well-meaning folk in this district are being carried away into error and they don't even see it. They are letting their zeal for evangelism get the better of them and it is significantly effecting how they look at and deliver God's Word to lost people. I should know... I used to agree with them.

    The Texas District is doing a horrible job defending itself against the errors of Anabaptism. In a state with Osteen, Haggee, and Jakes, we cannot afford to be so careless with the spiritual lives of those that have come to trust the accuracy of what we are saying.

    I am becoming increasingly convinced that my district needs an overhaul.

  3. The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

    NOWHERE on the site is the word "Lutheran." Where it the shame saying Lutheran when it is a youth gathering for Lutheran Youth in a Lutheran Church district???? Are they inviting other kids as well as inviting other leaders?????

  4. Mike Baker said...

    Pr Hall,

    You are very level headed. Please come over to my blog and sanity check my "Bread Crumbs" entry... It makes my skin crawl.