Thursday, May 8, 2008

Unbelievable Gall!

Check this link out, an advertisement for a new radio host at KFUO.

If the firing of Rev. Wilken was for financial reasons (see here), then why in the world are they hiring another radio host?

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  1. Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

    With all due respect, Fr. Hall, I think you're asking the wrong question. It is right to ask such questions while one is trying to determine the nature of a thing or event. I might say, for example, "Why is this beast tawny, with thick fur around its neck? Why does it roar so? Why does it eat gazelles and zebra?" Once such questions lead to the conclusion, "It is a lion," further such questions are no longer useful. (Indeed, at that point, running is!) :-)

    When by its actions the LCMS has made clear that it is not Church, but corporation, so that it's established that yes, it is a corporation and not the Church, then it's time to ask a different set of questions. "Does the Church which Christ founded still exist? Where has it gone? Where can it be found now?" Or one may give heed to these words penned by Laura Frizelle, the wife of a former LCMS pastor in Alaska:

    "My husband was a pastor for nearly 10 years in the LCMS. After 9 years of controversy and fighting in the LCMS and about a year of intense
    study and prayer, we met with Bishop JOSEPH and our local Orthodox priest. Bishop JOSEPH listened patiently and compassionately to our
    situation, concerns and fears. Then he said to us, 'Have you ever
    thought about your salvation?'

    That might sound like a crazy question to most Lutherans, but let it sink in a while. Is bitterness and lack of joy because of church
    politics causing you to hate your brothers and sisters in the Lutheran Church? Is it distracting you from worship and true Communion with God and your neighbor? Are you addicted to church politics and so
    sure that you are right and superior that it causes you to judge people like a pharisee, so much that you lack horizontal communion with others in your church? Examine yourself. Where can you get rest and healing from all that crap? Has God abandoned His Church? Where does God protected unity exist?"

    The unworthy priest, and fool,

    Fr. Gregory Hogg

  2. Dixie said...

    Pastor Hall,

    I saw this and instantaneously understood the tactical moves made over the last month.

    Cancel the show and terminate the HR concerns.

    One month a new position...and no HR problems because the qualified internal no longer internal.

    I agree this job posting significantly dilutes the rationale given for the cancellation of Issues due to financial concerns.

    This type of maneuver is typical in corporate America. Although, as we discussed one before, the more advanced and successful corporations have realized it is better business to be fully transparent from the get go. If someone doesn't assimilate the corporate values they are let go and the corporation isn't shy about saying why.

    It seems to me this is what is happening here...those who haven't assimilated are being severed.

    I am sorry you have to watch this happen in your synod but may God use it to the benefit of His people.

  3. Christopher D. Hall said...


    You're absolutely right. From an HR pov, everything is no copacetic for them to hire another candidate--and, since the job description so specific that only a few would qualify, it makes hiring a company man (or woman) that much easier.

    Your comment dovetails nicely with Fr. Gregory's in that respect.

    What galls me is the admonitions for us to keep the 8th Commandment, all the while deceiving the Synod about the true purpose.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Anastasia Theodoridis said...

    (I'm going to cross-post this at "Augsburg," too...)

    This gets more and more fascinating. The first thing that stikes me is, the Board already knows who will apply, or at least who will NOT, namely, any friend or supporter of Pr. Wilken and Mr. Schwartz. In other words, Confessionals. They pretty much are not even going to apply.

    The second thing I thought about was that the new employee will want assurances that he or she will not meet a similar fate, and will want to know upon what *basis* such assurances can be given. That's to say, he or she will have to be told the truth. How interesting!

    But then when I read some of the other comments here I realized there most likely is an internal candidate already chosen, who understands the truth, perhaps without having to be told explicitly. Perhaps some of you are in a position to take an educated guess who that might be? Seems the stated qualifications narrow the possibilities considerably...

    The fourth thing that interests me so much is, once the new show begins to air, the difference between it and IE will make everything clear beyond any doubt, if there still is any. That's when all the cards will be laid on the table. Shouldn't be too long now.

  5. Ezekiel said...

    Ahh, Fr. Hall, as I read your post and as I have observed the goings on amongst those in the LCMS, I've been reminded of an incident at the local hospital which I served for 20+ years as Director of Pastoral Care.

    A good man had been brought in under a previous administration ... and he did very well in his position. Then suddenly, one day, I got a call first from the CEO of the hospital, telling me that the man had been terminated "for various reasons, including financial concerns ..." The man was given a good reference, a fair severance, and of course, was not to speak of Human Resources concerns outside.

    Within months, a NEW POSITION was created, and a certain person from within the organization moved to that place ... and my eyebrows were raised not a little!

    Such things happen within corporations.