Monday, April 14, 2008

A Thank You

I realized today that this blog has surpassed the 16,000 visitors mark. This is a small number for many, but I think it's astounding! I began this blog mostly for myself and for my members. That so many visit from all over the country is humbling.

There have been many more visits the last few weeks as well, and I want to thank all of you for visiting here. But I do have a couple of favors to ask of all of you:

1. Leave a comment and let me know who you are, and how you found this.

2. If you have a blog, let me know, and I will happily link to it, as appropriate--"Hail Satan Blogs" will not be linked :)

3. Do me the favor of linking to this blog in a blog post, as I have tried to do with my blogroll. This helps Google and other engines find your blog more easily --and gives your blog higher profile when searching on topics. In other words, if you blog about contraception and Lutheranism a lot, the more your blog is linked to (in the content area of posts), the more prominent it will be when someone googles "contraception" and "lutheran."

4. Let me know what kind of posts you like best. I can try to accommodate within reason. Perhaps.

Thanks again for visiting!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hello, my child, I was your pastor in Edmond. I found your blog via your article in Touchstone. I visit regularly, so keep up the good work.

  2. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Hello....father? I trust things are well for you?

    Thanks for reading