Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CMT, All the Time

Pr. Brown seemed surprised at my Pink Floyd reference in a comment on a previous post. But now it just gets even curiouser.

Click to see more on Can You Duet at CMT.com.

My niece (in-law) is on the show! She performs with her sig. other Tim as Bosco & Whiteford. Awesome. They describe their music as Pure Southern Illinois Country, which leads me to one of my favorite No-Depression, Southern Illinois bands, Wilco.

But the CMT discussion doesn't end there. On my mp3 player I use at the gym I have, featured prominently, Led Zeppelin as well as Alison Krauss (not best for working out, but beautiful music). Imagine my amazement when I saw this:

And there's a whole album of this stuff. Amazing. "When Worlds Collide" indeed.


  1. Jolene said...

    What an unexpected duo. I think their voices sound great together and Allison is certainly prettier that Jimmy Page!