Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Note to My Readers

This past week I've been focusing on matters internal to my denomination, and as I write this, it does not look like that will be changing much soon.

For those of you who are from other Traditions, I appreciate your continued patronage here, realizing that these "inside" posts may not be as interesting or edifying to you as other posts have been.

For my members and other folks who may not be interested in "church politics," I beg your indulgence. These matters are important for your congregation and for the sake of the Church. I have not given up on devotional and more edifying posts, but these are necessary for now.

For brother clergy and the laity who are interested in "church politics," let us remember that griping about the Synod does not grow our faith--and probably damages it. I remind you (and myself) to not read here or other places just to hear more complaints and scandal-talk. Our purpose should not be to moan and wail, but to seek the Truth and rejoice in it.