Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Bigger than Issues (Again)

I imagine there are a good number of people within and without the LCMS that believe the Issues Etc. controversy will all "blow over," and pastors just need to get back to tending their sheep. One hears this kind of advice often from those in authority in the Synod. To a certain extent, that is true, and would certainly be true if those who are upset would sit back and drop the issue. Wala! No more fuss, no more mess.

The reason that I am not letting this issue drop, however, is that it is symptomatic of bigger issues within the LCMS (and Lutheranism in general, I believe). The controversy is not about poor public relations, bad accounting, or a nice show that people will miss listening to. It is about the systematic re-positioning of the LCMS that many of us believe is happening. The LCMS is losing its liturgical and doctrinal identity right before our eyes, and Issues is a casualty of it.


  1. -C said...

    Pr. Hall -

    I'm not sure why I'm responding to this, or who will care. For all practical purposes, I should not care about this - I'm not even a Lutheran anymore (and I never was an LCMS Lutheran) - but I do care. And I do think it's important.

    Will it blow over? In time it probably will. But you are right - it is symptomatic of larger concerns - enormous concerns - which will not blow over (only worsen) if you just let it go.

    I admire the tenacity of you and other pastors who are willing to take a stand for the Church.
    You (and the others I read, Pr. Weedon and Pr. Asbury) are in my prayers.