Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another Insight of our "Deep Division"

Here is an insightful post by Pr. Benjamin Harju of Paredwka:Dropping the Ball.

A quote:

Like I said, the main problem [with the LCMS] is a faulty Predestinarianism. However, the secondary problems go straight to the core of what Christianity is. The LCMS is ill in its carrying out of worship, preaching, and living out the Faith ecclesially. It doesn't get more fundamental than that. This is why people of solid liturgical parishes look over at their fellow LCMSers who are totally contemporary and see no compatibility, and then get really depressed and confused. We have in our Synod two entirely different Christianities (and here I believe I'm being overly optimistic). They may be able to tally up many of the same doctrines on paper, but the heart and soul of just who Jesus is - just what Christianity is - is fundamentally different. Ouch.

(If you think I might be on to something, please spread the word. However, giving this a third-time-over review, I expect I'll probably anger people from all sides of the fence with what I'm saying.)

The next question is: what do we do about this?


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    Pastor Harju was a classmate of mine at the Sem, and it was a pleasure to run into him again while at the Convention. He is spot on with his analysis.

    What I really want to do now is do some research looking at the early LCMS and the "New Measures" - which I think could apply to a lot of the things now going on.