Monday, January 7, 2008

The Move

What has been discussed 'round these parts for several years has now come to pass. Yesterday after the Divine Service for the Epiphany of our Lord, we relocated the sanctuary appointments to the space otherwise known as the "gym." Everything was moved, from altar to pews. Those items which the gym could not support, such as the large wall cross and stained glass windows were stored. Asbestos removal for the sanctuary is scheduled for next week, but may begin later this week if we are ready.

The plan now is to remove the asbestos covering the ceiling and walls, remove sheet rock if necessary, and then evaluate the structure for the cost and possibility of repair and renovation. If that proves excessive, we'll demolish and build anew. So for the time being we will be worshiping in the "temporary sanctuary" as I have made pains to call it, and it actually is looking very nice.

The most blessed result of this is the level of unity and peace that we have received. It is fair to say that we have gone from a congregation that is conflicted to one of cooperation, all thanks and glory be to God.