Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Sermon Update

Byzantine Dixie kindly asked in my Christmas post how the sermon(s) went. I thought I'd respond here.

Briefly put, on Christmas Eve I preached the Gospel of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ and then said, "Amen." Mission accomplished. Was it a finely crafted sermon that I enjoyed hearing myself preach? Not really. Did I structure it to hold the hearer's attention? Perhaps, but I thought it was a little dry in parts. I wished I could have met those criteria better.

On Christmas Day, the sermon went in a direction that was well-suited (I believe) for the parishioners there. I left few stops in liturgically, so a portion of the sermon explained the reasons for this--more of a catechetical sermon. I believe I pushed this a little too long and still fear that I may have been a bit defensive. However--again--the Gospel of the Nativity of our Lord was preached, and I pray God was glorified and my hearers edified in their faith. I dare not expect any more!

Thanks for asking, though.