Monday, September 17, 2007

Three Things I Think are Inherently Funny

1. Dogs using computers. Dogs driving cars or reading newspapers, or otherwise acting like people.

2. Cats playing piano...but not using computers or driving or anything else. Just playing the piano.

3. Spit takes


  1. Anastasia Theodoridis said...

    You'd get a good laugh out of my cat Molly, then. She plays the piano whenever I forgot to lower the lid over the keys. She walks back and forth and seems to enjoy the resulting sounds, so she repeats them and seems to play with them.

    Sometimes this has been known to happen in the middle of the night, for even more interesting effects.


  2. Jolene said...

    Come on Pastor, Toonces was a very funny driving cat!

  3. Dixie said...

    I am with Jolene...Toonces was a very funny driving cat and I don't know of any funny piano playing cat!

  4. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Ok, ok! Cats driving cars is pretty funny, but I'm still not sure that it is inherently funny.

    Another thought: when cats play piano, it's usually just random notes, or perhaps a cat food jingle at best. But when dogs play piano, they play Chopin. That's funny.

  5. Dixie said...

    I still don't know that I agree. Dogs playing Chopin as well as dogs playing poker (especially pictured on black velvet)...seems like serious stuff to me.