Monday, September 17, 2007

Sermon Update

My previous post was a "meditation on a theme" from this Sunday's sermon for Trinity 15. The text was Matthew 6:24-34.

It was, as my dear wife says, a "pew-sinker." From a Lutheran perspective it was perhaps too much Law (meaning focused on what we should do and how we fail), rather than emphasizing the comfort which this passage overwhelming gives. I stand by what I said, but could have emphasized the love and mercy of God on us poor sinners more.

I'm not sure it went over too well, attacking lots of our shibboleths, like TV and sports addictions and rampant consumerism. I am sure that it did not go over well with me. I try to preach to myself.

I will not post the sermon though. With one or two exceptions in the past, I don't do this. I write my sermons with an ear for preaching, not reading, and what I write and what I end up saying are sometimes quite a bit different. Besides which, I think of my sermons as intimate, as a conversation between the Word and me and them. Family talk.


  1. Doorman-Priest said...

    Don't worry about it. These things have to be said. That we don't always like what we hear from the pulpit should make a difference. It's not the best means of evaluation.

    On;ly tell me what I want to hear?
    Idon't think so.

    Pax Christi D.P. (11.25am GMT)

  2. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    Trinity 14 was one of those for me. They are needed, as we can have a tendency to water down the law on occassion - and then you think you just need a watered down Jesus.