Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Second Silliest Thing Today

Beware of Nigerian puppy scam

LCMS World Mission is asking all LCMS members to beware of an e-mail and Web-based scam concerning puppies that are available for shipping from Africa to the United States.

The scam mentions LCMS Missionaries David Erber and Nathaniel Watt, who serve in Nigeria, and former missionaries to Nigeria Jerry Loewe and Brent Friedrich. Several people who viewed photos of puppies allegedly for sale on the Web site were contacted by e-mail from addresses such as and with an offer to ship the puppies for fees ranging from $150 to $3,000. The e-mails included Bible verses and descriptions of mission work being carried out in Africa.

This is a fraud, according to LCMS World Mission. No LCMS missionaries are attempting to charge people for shipping pets or other items from Africa to the United States.

However, secure donations may be made to support all LCMS missionaries through the LCMS online giving catalog. Those interested in supporting a specific missionary or project can give directly to that account.

(August 22, 2007 ……………….. LCMSNews — No. 58)

“Puppy Scam?” And is the pitch for donations at the end of this “news release” really necessary??