Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Idle Hands Here

I am trying to NOT make this all about me, but I want to share a few things that have happened this week.

Sunday was great. I baptized two children and confirmed three more at the 10:30 service. The funeral luncheon for Bob Graf took place immediately after. Then the funeral at 2:00, one of the most crowded funerals I have ever seen. He was interred in a country cemetery. Back at home, I dozed for twenty minutes, ate a ham sandwich for supper, went back to church to open it up for the deceased family members, who needed a place to visit and eat before they all went their separate directions. Then I went home to crash.

But it was not to be. The phone rang. A member was in ICU, not expected to survive the night. Glory to God, he did. Yesterday another member landed in the ICU with heart problems. At lunch I received word that a third member had unexpectedly passed away--Joan Thomas. I met with their family yesterday aftenoon. This morning I attended Joe, whose heart cath revealed the need for bypass surgery. I prayed with him before they took him to the OR.

I've never had a Lent like this, but it certainly is keeping me out of trouble. Pray for Everett, Joe and the Family of Joan (and her, if that is according to your faith).


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    It's been one like that for me - three folks in the hospital, one with an lingering lung problem (just sent home today), another who developed post-op staph three weeks after the surgery, and a third who just was diagnosed with colon cancer.

    And yet - this Holy Week has seemed more peaceful than others.


    ... and just a country cemetery. . . sheesh!

    P.S. The verification worries me - it's praymp. Do the military police check up on prayer now?

  2. Emily H. said...

    Chris & Eric, blessings on your Holy Week as you care for the souls of those facing the grim realities of this world. Glory to Christ who trampled death!

    Fr. Hall, thank you for your kind consideration that not only Lutherans visit this blog. We will certainly, though unworthily, pray for all those mentioned.