Friday, April 3, 2009

My Brain Dump for Today

Drove to Edmond today to shop at Sam's Club. We had a nice time--it was good for M and I to get out of the house and have some time to talk. That doesn't happen often enough.

I'm also working on a major renovation/redesign/move (?) of the blog. Again. Why can't I leave well-enough alone? Distractions. See this post.

This week I finished sermons for Palm Sunday, the funeral, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter morning. Tomorrow I meet with the confirmands at 9:00, a pre-baptism meeting with a family at 10:00, the church garage sale, soccer games in the afternoon. Sunday is worship, confirmation presentation/reception, the second service with a baptism and confirmation, then a funeral meal, Bob Graf's funeral, then...bed. Or at least it should feel like it.

Shut-ins to visit next week, and Holy Week services, but not too many other items on the to-do list. I like to have all in-office work done before Holy Week, so that I can spend my time seeing people, preparing for worship, and in devotional reading.


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    Yeah, this is going to end up being a busy month - I would have hit the city today for some time but I am fighting off a nasty head cold, and we are having our women's retreat tomorrow that I have to be to.

    But at some point I will hit commerce again. . . at some point.

    Oooo. . . my code word is "remall" - I will get to the mall again. . . I will remall. . .

  2. Anonymous said...

    Fr. Hall,
    Please give Vicky Graf my condolences and regards. I had the privilege of meeting Bob once. His brother was a long-time, faithful member of Grace.

    Hope all is well.

    A blessed Holy Week to you.

  3. Emily H. said...

    I'm also working on a major renovation/redesign/move (?) of the blog. Again.

    That will be neat even though I really like the design you have right now. Glad to finally see your face on your profile! If I remember right, some of us bugged you about that some months ago... ;D

    Love in Christ!

  4. Christopher D. Hall said...

    I'll do that Mason.

    Emily--thanks. I had this photo in the works for some time.

    The redesign bit--I can't leave well enough alone, sometimes. But as I plan to write later, I started with Wordpress, but found it too difficult. Switched to Blogger. Checked out Wordpress again--which has gone through some major software updates, and discovered just how cool it has become--plus my computer skills are at least a little better now.

    PS: Word verification is protypey. Kind of like pro(to)type(y): which is like prototypos. Oh well.