Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So What Was the About?

Someone asked yesterday--"What occasioned this last post??" What didn't?

--some long, bitter discussions at other blogs;

--friends acting contrary;

--controversy in our denomination and other church bodies;


--temptations (tenatio) all around.

This means it is a good Lent. Satan is testing, prayer increasing, mercy unfolding.


  1. Dixie said...

    It sure has been a "good Lent" in that respect for me. First I was sick with a stomach bug, then I was sick with a monster cold...even had to stay home a few days from work to recover from that one--and that hasn't happened in years. The past couple of weeks was the most amusing, however. I am a "Crackberry" addict. I am "connected" 24/7. And I had to go without my Crackberry because mine broke and the first replacement worked for everything but my email account at work...which was the point. Found out it was the phone...a new replacement connected just fine. In the meantime I learned to be offline again. It was good.

    It was my non-practicing Catholic sister who finally said to me, "must be Lent" which helped me see it all for what it was. Lord have mercy (40x)