Monday, March 30, 2009

Satellites and Gadgets

So we found a good deal on Dish Network and switched from our cable company. The deal came with a DVR. We had still been taping some shows on the VCR, but this year it finally gave up the ghost. Now, the only show we had bothered to tape was Lost. So this season M and I have huddled around the computer monitor to watch it online on Thursday evenings.

I already love the DVR. I recorded Kings last night--the modern re-telling of the story of King Saul and David, and I can watch it whenever I please. I've also been recording The Simpsons, which was required daily viewing before we had kids. Haven't really seen it since...until now.

But part of me wishes we hadn't taken this latest plunge into the 21st Century Mass Entertainment technolatry. Cable, cell phone, computer/high-speed internet, newer gadgets to make all this stuff work; it seems never-ending, and for what purpose?

Distractions, mostly.


  1. The Rev. BT Ball said...

    Well, it seems they lost us and picked you up. We cancelled Dish Network a few weeks ago and now have no TV. It is good.

  2. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    Ack! You should have gone DirecTV, we each could have gotten 50 bucks with the refer a friend deal. Oh well.

  3. Wess Gray Photographer said...

    Just in time for the F1 racing season!