Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winter Weather Already!

Oklahoma's t.v. weather men love to exaggerate the potential for winter weather. Maybe that's true everywhere, but it seems worse here. It always seems to be the case that their predictions are much worse than reality.

Except this time. What was predicted to be a slight chance of freezing rain Monday night and less than an inch of snow Tuesday morning turned out to be ice and 1.5-3 inches of snow all day yesterday. It never got heavy, but it was cold enough to freeze and make a mess of the roads last night and today so far.

Sunday and Monday it was in the low 60's. Right now it's 25. Burr!


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    You forgot the key info on this. When it's just supposed to be a little light thing - eh, it's nothing - and WALLOP!

    This is pretty much what we get whenever we get we get hit. Just plan on this whatever the forecast.

  2. -C said...

    Already? It's December 10 - In Minnesota, it's time, though I don't care for winter or snow at all. Beginning in mid-November, I relish every day without snow - each one is like a gift.