Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pr. Beecroft of Grace, Tulsa in the Paper Again: Still Not in the "Crime" Section

A friend of mine--and fellow Okie--Pr. Mason Beecroft is featured in a sidebar in this article from the Tulsa World (the "sidebar" is at the end of the article). I find it encouraging that the World thought to feature a Lutheran spin on a very Catholic article.

Also of note is the results of the "liturgical reforms" that Pr. Beecroft has introduced in the congregation:

But he sees a hunger for a return to traditional liturgical worship.

Attendance at Grace Lutheran has more than doubled since he arrived four years ago, bringing with him a more traditional worship.

“To be engaged by something beyond ourselves fills a deep void,” he said.

Young people, in particular, want the transcendent, he said.

“The biggest advocates for contemporary worship are the baby boomers,” he said. “My kids don’t want to see me up on the stage playing a guitar.”


  1. Anonymous said...

    I would have laid odds on the crime section. It is good not to get caught. Is that mercy? or is it luck?