Sunday, November 30, 2008


I promised in the comments on the last post that I would restore my link list. But when I went over to "Blogrolling" to get the code, the site is missing. Apparently they were providing the feeds for it, but the site itself is done.

Have no fear, though, for I still have (most) of those links saved...somewhere. I'll do my best.

UPDATE: What I thought should be very simple, very easy--as Chef Tell used to say, is not. A similar list of blogs that I currently read is being assembled.

If, in a few days, if your blog was listed and now is not, or should be, or you'd like it to be, just let me know.


  1. Dixie said...

    Rats! A similar thing happened to me when I changed templates. I had a code in the template to pull up a favatar or favicon...and the site I used for that service had since been closed although the little favicon was still functioning...until I changed templates, of course. I haven't taken to time to find another service for that.

    I like the google blogging list because it sorts by most recent posting. (Makes me recognize when I have been a slacker if I hit the bottom of the Emily's list!)

  2. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    When do we get to read your literary creation?

  3. revalkorn said...

    Totally off topic, but I wish I had known you were participating in NaNo. I would have added you to my list. I made the word goal both last year and this year.