Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Treasury of Daily Prayer: A First Look

Prs. Eric Brown and Mark Bersche were gracious enough to bring the Treasury to our Circuit Conference today, so I was able to look through it during the meeting. I justified myself that I was attending sacred matters, though I ignored the brethren at times. Shame on me.

By and large, it seems that this is something long lacking in American Lutheranism, and I praise the editors and CPH for publishing it. Even after my cursory examination, I plan on promoting this heavily among the congregation and praying that many will use it. I do have some issues with it that I will address when I receive my copy and am able to spend some more time with it.

Thank you to all who have here, and in other places encouraged me to check it out. I hope to receive my copy soon and will do a full review of it ASAP.