Wednesday, November 12, 2008

123 Book Meme

Christopher tagged me. Here's the instructions:

The rules state that I must pick up the book closest to me and:

  1. turn to page 123
  2. count the first five sentences
  3. post the following three sentences
Here it is, fudging a little due to a fragment, a quote and the end of a chapter:
But he said no Sons, but the Son of the Living God. He recognised the oneness of the Person.

This Father therefore do we pray, that He prepare for us His wonted banquet, His precious and varied dishes, and that He place in the centre the bowl of His holy teaching; and that He may give us to drink of that strong drink which is the mother of sobriety. Let us then cry out to Him:Arise, O My Father, arise O my Glory, arise psaltery and the harp of the Holy Spirit, and the harp of glory and empire for ever. Amen.

(The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers:A Manual of Preaching, Spiritual Reading and Meditation. M.F. Tofal, ed. Vol. 1: From the First Sunday of Advent to Quinquagesima. Preservation Press:New Jersey, 1996)

I tag: Fr. Milovan; Dixie; Scott; Hollywood; and Mason.


  1. Father Hollywood said...

    Dear Christpher:

    I'm sorry to take so long, but I actually "tagged" myself a while back. My result was amusing, to say the least. It's here.

    Thanks for the tag!