Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For the Months Ahead

A few weeks ago I posted a review of The Faith of Barack Obama. Thomas Nelson had made a special offer for free review copies for bloggers if they posted a review.

I am pleased to report that Thomas Nelson has expanded this program, and soon I will be regularly reviewing books they publish. Stay tuned for these as they come in. The publisher also wishes to enroll many more bloggers into the program, so if you're interested, you can find out more here.

In other news, the Sayings of the Desert Fathers project needs to change. The number of sayings that I would like to share is dwindling--some are too long and others are too hard. As the response to this feature has been enthusiastic from a few, and very muted from most, I've decided to limit the sayings to one or two a week, and re-commit to more regular writing from me.


  1. Anastasia Theodoridis said...

    Good decision, although I don't really know why.

    I suppose I ought to be more interested in what the Desert Fathers have to say than in what you have to say, but somehow, that's not the case.

    But it's good to keep posting them a couple of times a week, yes.

  2. Ben said...

    I for one would like to encourage the continuance of the Sayings, I love them and look forward to them every day.

  3. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Anastasia--I'm flattered! Though why a pious Orthodox Christian would want to hear more of what a Lutheran pastor has to say instead of the Fathers is mind-boggling! ;)

    Ben--it's simply becoming an issue of time and the availability of good quotes that would speak to Lutheran readers, though I appreciate your encouragement.