Sunday, September 7, 2008

For Some, Politics Is Religion

Agree or disagree, but this guy's onto something:

If there is one thing that can be said of most democratic operatives, activists, and seriously interested groupies, it is that politics is for them religion. When they involve themselves in more traditional religious activities, it is usually for the sake of convenience and image. Thus the Annointed One’s [Obama's] enthronement ceremony involving old pagan forms was simply a more honest and appropriate ritual than that which we have seen before. Hats off to them. I mean, if you are going to rigidly support the state sanctioned killing of millions of babies, at least provide some decent ritual befitting of all that blood. Such is much more anthropologically sound.
The Ochlophobist


  1. Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

    I think the Ochlophobist is on to something there...but, I must add, sometimes Republicans can bring religion into politics in a most unhealthy way: assuming that political election means divine sanction for their own misguided plans--especially in the realm of foreign policy. When I was a child, I remember a German Army belt my dad had gotten as a trophy of WWII. Emblazoned boldly on its front was "Gott mit uns."

    The life issue trumps all, for me; if someone thinks it's ok to take the life of an unborn human being, I'm not terribly interested in what tax breaks he might give me. But I do *not* like McCain's saber-rattling toward Russia. They are not our opponent in the "war on terror".

    Electing a Democrat president is like marrying someone who believes in open marriage. Electing a Republican president is like marrying someone who *talks* the right talk, but still hangs out in bars. Either way, in practice, it ain't domestic bliss.

    I think we're headed for a seriously bumpy ride ahead. On the other side of that ride will be one of two things: either a more libertarian, limited view of government, or an Empire.

  2. Christopher D. Hall said...

    Right you are, Fr. Gregory. I've always been hesitant to call myself a Republican for the same reason: the icky mashing of Christainity and Republicanism and Americanism.

    And, like you, the life issue trumps all. The killing of children is the sacrifice to Moloch. God have mercy on those who gleefully condone it.

    God have mercy on me from my smugness too!