Friday, August 22, 2008

Three Things Taught Badly

Three things are so badly taught it's a miracle that anyone survives: the Christian faith, poetry, and mathematics. Those three things are always taught so any natural aptitude you have is going to be squelched out of you by the time you're in 8th grade. Why we worship, what prayer really is and what it isn't, all of those things are really not taught well to children. They have these little cute word puzzles and they might memorize the names of the books of the Bible, but that's not going to help them when they're 14 and wondering about the real issues of life. I think people just need a better grounding in whatever faith tradition that they're in. We've short-changed a great religious tradition.
(Kathleen Norris)


  1. Orianna Laun said...

    Having taught poetry, I've noticed it's really hard to teach something about the teacher is passionate that most people have been pre-disposed to dislike. This is not to say that people are pre-disposed to the Christian faith--well, yes, original sin makes them such, I guess--perhaps it is a matter of one wondering how to go about teaching it.
    Poetry is multi-faceted and hard to approach the teaching thereof; the Christian faith even more so; maybe we who teach it should show an intrinsic enthusiasm so that the students are more interested in learning.
    I can say nothing of mathematics. I don't have that aptitude.