Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blindness and Sight

Often we only see and hear what we wish to see and hear. If we look for scandal we find it. If we look for offense, we are offended. But if we look for joy, it is present.

If we read Scripture as a Baptist, a Baptist we will be; as a Lutheran, a Lutheran. If we read it with skepticism, we will doubt. If we read Scripture looking for faith, faith we will find.

It is impossible by ourselves to understand the world--the things visible and invisible-- in their true light. We carry the baggage of sin, our prejudices, our habits and passions. We see and hear what we wish to see and hear, and our capacity for ignorance is immense. Again, by ourselves we will see only what we want to see, what we have been trained to recognize, what we in our passions and sin desire.

Yet Christ says "I am the Light of the World," and the Psalmist says, "in your light do we see light" (Psa. 36:9). How much we need to begin each day, each task, each moment praying that we may see the true light, that we may receive the Spirit--that Christ will open our blind eyes to Him, that we may see by Him and live in Him.

This is my prayer.


  1. Mike Baker said...

    Fantastic post!

    Based on my own personal experience, the only thing that I would add is...

    ...if we allow ourselves to be neutral when reading Scripture and allow Scripture to interpret itself apart from the opinions and assersions of faliable men, a Lutheran we will be (at least in theology if not in name and affiliation.)

    Scriptura Scripturae Interpres

  2. orrologion said...