Monday, June 30, 2008

Is This Too Much To Ask?

Via Lutherpunk, via someone else:

All I want is a happy little anglo-catholic [editorial note: read Evangelical Catholic for LP] parish. I don’t want a multi-media extravaganza. I don’t want a praise band. I don’t want to sing U2. I don’t need to talk theology over beers. I really just want a parish that follows the lectionary, observes the rhythms of the church year and holds traditional worship on holy days of obligation. Is that too much to ask? Can I also maybe request that we not remove essential parts of the liturgy in order to make the service shorter? Because that’s not cool. At all. If you can’t hang with the J man for a full 90 minutes, just stay home.

If you are looking for a cool, trendy, good looking pastor who oozes charisma and charm and tells great jokes all while leading a service that looks more like American Idol than the Divine Service, then I am not your man. There’s a huge non-denominational church down the street. Enjoy.


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    While I enjoy theology over beer - really what I want is theological discussion. Let's look at Scripture and ask the Lutheran question - "What does this mean?"

    I am jealous of my dad. He's been doing Matins daily - and 95% of the time he has people show up - and he does a brief homily on the daily readings, and then he will answer any questions. What could be better?