Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to the Regularly Scheduled Program

The week off was nice. My parents were in town and it was good to spend time with them. Instead of doing all kinds of projects and wearing ourselves out, Dad and I spent a few days planning projects that will wear ourselves out for their next visit in October.

I've got about 12 sheets of bad siding. After much measuring and calculating, we decided the two of us could do it and set a date in October. We also planned out how to renovate the fence without tearing it all down. You see, a concrete footer had been poured under the existing fence, so replacing the entire fence would not only be expensive, but labor intensive to dig out the footer. Our plan avoids all of that be shifting the fence in about six inches and power-washing the cedar boards. He also showed me how to fix our sagging deck rail.

We visited the Railroad Museum, I took the kids to the local waterpark, and generally had a good time. I was hankering to get back to work on Wednesday, but got over it eventually.

Thanks for sticking around here!