Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sick Again

Can't tell if it's just a new form of allergies (asthma too?), or upper respiratory crud, but whatever it is, it's no good.

Marjorie has been ill too. We thought it was appendicitis Saturday night, but her blood count wasn't elevated--apparently the only indication that it wasn't. She's better now, but they're doing tests on her to figure out what is happening in her gut. Two of her nieces have Crohn's Disease, which may be what's going on with her, God forbid.


  1. Rev. Eric J Brown said...

    If you can't tell from my blog, I've been fighting off something as well. I think it may just be a strong cold bug flittering around.

    At least it's in my lungs now and not my throat. I can try to sleep and rest. And talk.

  2. Dixie said...

    Ack!!! Sorry to hear of your new troubles. Prayers for the Hall family.

  3. Susan said...

    I hope you and your wife and Rev Brown get to feeling better soon! I especially hope nothing is seriously wrong with your wife.

    And FYI: It's my understanding that some allergies can cause asthma. (ie: mold spores and dust mites)

  4. -C said...

    I came down with a similar crud a week ago and have finally just turned the corner toward wellness now I think. But it seems like a slow haul.

    Best wishes for a recovery speedier than mine!