Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A New Fan

I was showing Mrs. This Side the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss video below while she was getting Jack ready for bed. He insisted on watching the "mutick" three or four times.

Marjorie has incredible musical talent, I just a little. All the girls show great talent so far: Mikayla has a beautiful voice and is a natural at the oboe, so says her teacher. Olivia has a gorgeous voice which we heard in a solo at the Christmas program, but hadn't before nor after. She also teaches herself piano (long story). Eliana too, has a good voice. But sometimes I wonder if Jack is the musician. He can match pitch on the piano, and once, after Olivia was giving herself a piano lesson, he walked right up and started playing part of the same little tune she had just finished. Jack is 22 mos, BTW.


  1. Marjorie Hall said...

    Musical geniuses - every last one of our kids! All around geniuses, for that matter. Did I mention they are the most beautiful children ever?

  2. Jolene said...

    So when are you going to upload a video of Jack to YouTube????