Monday, January 14, 2008

Big Week for the Family

Today my eldest is singing at the "Circle the State with Song" regional concert. Immediately after this, my bride is presenting a talk at a Mothers of Preschoolers group in another town--this is the third MOPS group that has asked her to be their main presenter. On Wednesday both of them are driving to Tulsa for the All State Choir Concert. Mikayla was one of four 6-9 grade children in Enid chosen for the choir (only one other 6th grader in town was chosen). It's rare that any 6th grader gets to go to All State! They will be out of town until Friday morning when I will pack up the rest of the family and go to Tulsa for the concert. It will be a fun week, God willing!


  1. Jolene said...

    Congratulations to Mikayla. This is quite an accomplishment, but not the least bit surprising!

  2. Shirley said...

    Lets see if I can accomplish this. I haven't had much luck in the "blogs". I just wanted to say "Praise GOD" for the precious gifts HE has given you and yours. I thank HIM for Mikayla and how you and Marjorie are encouraging her to use her gifts for HIM!!! HOORAY MIKAYLA!! Also how you and Marjorie continue to use your gifts, continuing to grow in HIM. Miss you all and keep you in my prayers daily. Pictures if you get a chance!