Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I apologize for my recent blogging inconsistency. We had two men pass away late last week, one I had been attending to regularly, the other somewhat suddenly, and a few unexpected hospitalizations.

Friday I cleaned the garage (long overdue), snorted around with allergies or another cold or something, but felt good about what I'd accomplished...until our 30 year-old garage door opener got caught on something and the motor burned out. Saturday (and part of Sunday afternoon) I spent a good bit of time attempting to replace it. All went well until I wired up the sensors on either side of the door. Apparently there is a short in the wire. Dad is coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving and bringing his voltmeter.

I also shared Saturday with preparing for Sunday, practicing the sermon, preparing the prayers, finishing handouts for Bible study (Ch. 13 of Revelation). Sunday I preached a sermon which didn't pull many punches. The funny thing about those sermons is how cathartic they are for both preacher and hearer, but how easy it is to forget them. I suspect that some of the reason is the nature of protestant Christianity. Much of our practice of our faith is sitting and hearing, and we've inherited a good bit of "not doing," lest we boast in our works. More thoughts on this later this week, deo volente.

Yesterday was a committal service and a funeral, and another unexpected hospitalization.

I write this to explain my inactivity here, but not to complain. When I have the dying to comfort, mourners to encourage, the ill to visit, sermons to prepare, I am doing my job and I love it. I'd rather have these than so many other things which could distract me. Glory to God!


  1. Mike Baker said...

    Thank you, Almighty God, that you have given Your church such dedicated and loving servants!

    Go do your important work, Pr. Hall. We all will be here when you get back.

  2. Doorman-Priest said...

    Yes. In the end its about priorities. Good to have you back, though.