Tuesday, October 23, 2007

All In One Piece

We made it back safely and had a wonderful time while there. Our guardian angels preserved us coming and going through rain and wind and at least two accidents, and even those drivers were apparently preserved from harm, though their tractors and trailers were not.

The Cumberland Plateau was beautiful with changing leaves, warm days and cool nights. Our days were filled with leaf-collecting, playing at the biggest tree house I've ever seen (pics to be posted soon), naps, and wonderful food. The nights were filled with wine and card games and laughing.

But now I'm back in my study and found folks in the hospital, a funeral to attend for a member's husband (God rest his soul), and a serious operation for a member. These things make me wish I'd been around the last week to minister to these dear members.

Also, I've found a few meetings I missed and need to get up to speed on, the annual voter's meeting Sunday (which historically does not always go too well), and a bunch of email. These things make me wish I hadn't come back :)

Thank you all for your prayers while we were gone!


  1. Doorman-Priest said...

    Its like you've never been away!

  2. Dixie said...

    All glory to God! Welcome back.

    I know sometimes coming back after being away can difficult...especially dealing with everything that happened when you were gone. But eventually you'll wade out of that accumulation a bit more refreshed than if you hadn't left. (Even if it doesn't seem so at first!)