Saturday, August 11, 2007

For Discussion

The following was written on a public message board by an influential leader of the LCMS:

In fact, if we could get the entire Southern Baptist Convention to give up decision theology and accept our understanding of the Sacraments, wouldn’t THAT make for a gargantuan Youth Gathering - what, 500,000 kids all newly LCMS? Then we take on the Pope and his Youth Congress events and get them swung over and ……….well, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself a bit.*

1. Is “decision theology” and “our understanding of the Sacraments” the only differences we have with the SBC?

2. If that were to happen, would that be enough for Communion Fellowship?

3. From the other angle, would you define the LCMS as “The Southern Baptist Convention only without decision theology and a distinct understanding of the Sacraments, namely infant baptismal regeneration and the real presence of Christ’s Body and Blood ‘in, with, and under’ the bread and wine”?

4. Does this sound at all familiar to readers of this blog?????

*I’m withholding the name because clearly his comment was written off-the-cuff and was not intended to say something definite about his understanding of Lutheran Theology.