Tuesday, November 14, 2006

She Writes What I Think...and Mexican Coca Cola

She, being Frederica Matthewes-Green, the NPR Commentator, Author, Columnist, Speaker, and Pastor’s wife. Writes, referring to this article, for starters. It is an ugly world we live in, not just crass, but profane, materialistic and, well, doomed. She simply puts it on paper (or the computer screen) better than I can.

Another Great Woman–the Greatest–is my wife, for the usual reasons of course, but also for buying me a Mexican Coca-Cola last week. This was a treat because Cokes imported from Mexico were made with REAL SUGAR, not corn syrup like American Cokes are made now.

Let me count the supremecies of Coca-Cola made with sugar:

1. It is the same formula that Coke used when you were a kid, before 1984 or so.
2. It doesn’t taste like syrup.

3. The bubbles are small and fine…it develops a head like a beer, not bubbles like soap that modern America Cokes have.

I’m not crazy (why is it that crazy people seem to be the only ones who say that?). Here is an article about Mexican Coke from the San Deigo Union-Tribune.